Pursuit thirty five: My personal brand logo

After consultation and the hard work of graphic designer Chloe Ayres, I am excited to debut my personal brand logo. This logo will help me represent my personal brand on business cards, letterhead, and the future creative design of The Pursuits of Price blog and my Twitter page. Chloe Ayres, the older sister of one of my dear friends graciously created this logo that I believe captures my overall professional identity. It is a logo that is simple, yet classic, that also has a dash of pizzazz! 

Feel free to check out Chloe Ayres' website to learn more about her work: http://chloeayres.com/

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Pursuit thirty four: Inspirit

Today's Inspirit post features three commercials from the "Rhetorical Questions" campaign for the GEICO Company. The Martin Agency, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia is the creative force behind these commercials. This campaign is one of several currently running to promote the GEICO Company.

"Did the little piggy cry 'wee wee wee' all the way home?"

"Do dogs chase cats?"

"Do woodchucks chuck wood?"

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The Martin Agency: http://www.martinagency.com/


Pursuit thirty three: My guitar playing dream...

When I was twelve years old I received a guitar for Christmas. At that time in my life I would have told you that I was going to become famous... I would either be rocking out on my guitar singing away like the singer Jewel, or would be gracing the set of some movie showing off my amazing acting skills (and of course, I would be BFF with John Travolta). I remember being beyond excited, as I knew that I was going to become an amazing guitar playing superstar. In my more rational twelve-year-old mind I at least believed that I was going to learn how to play this guitar...

However, ten years later and that dream has yet to become a reality...

Over this spring break my dad mentioned to me that he had whipped out my guitar from the dusty corner that it had been quietly residing in, and that he had started "teaching himself" the chords so that he could eventually play a song or two.

As I had time to kill over the break, I thought I would take a shot at the finger workouts on the guitar. Within seconds of watching the above video I realized that it is hard as hell to play the guitar.... and my twenty-two year old self realized that my twelve-year-old dream of becoming a major super star like Jewel was never going to become a reality. 

Ultimately, the point of this post is my personal realization that some pursuits in life will not turn out how you think they will (hence my lack of guitar playing skills). However, I believe that it is the constant change and growth of pursuits and passions throughout life that lead you towards your greatest strengths, and the pursuits with which one should continue to follow. It is what you take from all of these different experiences that matters.  

From now on I think that I will just stick to listening and appreciating the musical talents of others, because honestly I am a horrible singer (the melodies that come out of my mouth should be kept for my ears and my ears only).

On that note, I will leave you with one of the many songs that I would air guitar and sing to as a young girl (haha...too freaking funny)!

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The Finger Gym Guitar Lesson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf7OTbl__aU


Pursuit thirty two: Inspirit

Today's Inspirit post features a radio spot for Snickers that aired in Cape Town, South Africa. BBDO Cape Town is the Advertising agency that oversaw the creation of this radio advertisement. Produced by Sidney & Seymour Studios this ad is one from a series of spots promoting the Snickers brand in Cape Town.

Click on Radio ad: Snickers: Interrupt to hear the spot...

The Snickers Interrupt radio advertisement is described as, "How do guys get the energy to keep being guys? With a Snickers of course, in this series of radio spots via Net#work BBDO Cape Town". (Best Ads on TV.com)

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Best Ads on tv.com: http://www.bestadsontv.com/


Pursuit thirty one: National Geographic photography

Recently I had the opportunity to watch a great documentary on PBS about the top ten photographs of 2010 for National Geographic Magazine. Not only were the images themselves awe inspiring, but the depth and thought behind each selected photograph made me want to delve deeper into their subject matter. I always love when a photograph has the ability to transcend a moment in time to tell a story that can be understood without words.  It is without question that the photographers and journalists who work for National Geographic are among the best in the world, but it is their knowledge and overall passion for their craft that make me desire and hope that my pursuits will somehow be intertwined with my career in the future. 

After viewing the documentary, I went to the National Geographic website to see what other intriguing photographs I could find. 

Below are a few that peaked my interest...

Elephant Festival, India
Photograph by Marjorie Lang

Terraced Rice Field, China
Photograph by Thierry Bornier

Samburu Wedding, Kenya
Photograph by Michael Nichols

Manatee and Fish
Photograph by Yusuke Okada

Rajasthan, India
Photograph by April Maciborka

Mahout Bathing an Elephant, India
Photograph by Mohit Midha

Mother and Son, Virginia
Photograph by James L. Stanfield

Prayer Flags, Mount Everest
Photograph by Bobby Model

Monastery Window, Ladakh
Photograph by Segrjio Alware

Fishing, Celebes Sea
Photograph by Liang Huan Chuan

Bristol Bay, Alaska
Photograph by Michael Melford

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Pursuit thirty: Inspirit

Today's Inspirit post features the Nike Better World website which was created by Wieden+Kennedy, a full service integrated advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon. This website features a unique storyboard scrolling experience with HTML5, CSS 3, and JavaScript. Whatever Nike's message may be and how you personally react to it, I was more intrigued by the overall interactive capability of the website with it's video, motion, and expanding text capabilities.

Check out the website here: http://www.nikebetterworld.com/

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Special thanks to:
Wieden+Kennedy: http://www.wk.com/
Communication Arts: http://www.commarts.com/


Pursuit twenty nine: Adele

As of late I have acquired a new music crush... her name is Adele. Apparently I have known of her music for quite some time (her song entitled Love Song), however I never put two and two together of who actually sang that particular song. About a month ago I stumbled upon her new song Somebody Like You, and fell in love... 

Yes, some of her songs are sappy and exude emotion... but I enjoy songs such as these that make you FEEL.... 

Take a listen...

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Special thanks to:
Adele: http://www.adele.tv/home/


Pursuit twenty eight: The "architecture" of birds nests

On a cold...
and dreary Monday afternoon...
I spent some time enjoying the finer things in life,
such as the ornate architecture of birds nests.
I have taken notice to these miniature little homes...
and have become curious 
as to where in the world all these little "nest owners" are currently roaming about...
until I figure out the answer to that question...

I will just continue to enjoy life's little pleasures... such as these little birds nests.

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Special thanks to:
My dog Smith for being my comrade as I looked like an odd ball roaming about the city taking pictures of birds nests...