Pursuit twenty seven: Inspirit

Today's Inspirit post features Wrigley's Hubba Bubba print ads. The creative team from Gitam BBDO, Tel Aviv, used creative insights from their own childhoods and combined them with illustrative themes that would appeal to the expansive imaginations of children. The campaign's tag line, "Blow it out of Proportion" plays on the fact that children's imaginations exaggerate stories and ultimately make life more "lively"! This campaign is featured in both outdoor boards and print ads. 

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Communication Arts: http://www.commarts.com/


Pursuit twenty six: Inspirit

Today's Inspirit post features the Art Institutes new "Create Tomorrow" campaign. Created by an independent advertising agency, David&Goliath, this campaign shows how ultimately the world is a blank canvas. With a series of print ads, TV spots, banners, and a website, this campaign promotes the abundance of opportunity that the world has to offer.

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Special thanks to:
David&Goliath: www.dng.com
The Art Institutes: www.artinstitutes.edu


Pursuit twenty five: Inspirit

Today's inspirit post consists of four pieces of artwork created by David Bates. These pieces are from his collection entitled, The Katrina Paintings. His exhibit is currently being shown at the Knoxville Museum of Art in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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David Bates & the Knoxville Museum of Arts: http://www.knoxart.org/index.html


Pursuit twenty four: Branding experiment

This week in my Advertising 480 class I arrived to see four boxes of saltine crackers.

With Premium Saltine Crackers by Nabisco...
Nabisco Original Premium - $2.39 

Zesta Original Saltine Crackers by Keebler...
Zesta (Keebler) - $1.99 (sale, reg. $2.28) 

Krispy Original Saltine Crackers by Sunshine...
Krispy Originals Sunshine - $2.49 

and Food City Premium Saltine Crackers...

Food City Saltines  - $1.49

I must admit that I was unsure of what was in store for my class that day.

Our professor did not say much about what was going to occur during this "experiment", but I was interested to see what was going to come of all these saltine crackers. The only statistical data that was given was the current price of the four products in local stores, and that Food City Saltines are a product of the Food City grocery store chain that is regionally based in and around East Tennessee (hence why I could not find a box of Food City Saltine Crackers on Google images). 

As we were instructed to pull out a piece of paper, our professor asked us to write down which of the four brands of saltine crackers we would choose to eat right then, and why we would choose that brand. Immediately I wrote down Premium Saltine Crackers by Nabisco. I went on to say that I would pick that brand because it is the brand that I grew up eating solely because it is what my parents bought at the grocery store. Other than that, I really had no explanation as to why I would purchase that particular brand. In my mind I suppose I saw Premium Saltine Crackers by Nabisco as being the best quality brand overall. 

After we wrote down our answer to the first question, our professor moved our attention to a table where four individual packages of the saltine crackers were residing. Each package was labeled with a letter A through D. We were not aware of which brand correlated to which lettered package. She instructed us to take one cracker from each package while remembering which cracker went with which letter. We were then to sample each cracker and ultimately write down which cracker, A through D, was the one that we liked the best and why. I was torn between letters C and D. I absolutely despised letter A. 

Having sampled all four crackers and written our opinions down, our professor then went on to announce which cracker went with which brand. 

To my surprise, cracker A was the Premium Saltine Cracker by Nabisco. This was the cracker that I had barely even taken a nibble out of while I had finished both C and D crackers. 

I was dumbfounded as to why I had hated the cracker that I had most adamantly declared to be the one that I would choose no less than five minutes prior to taste testing these four crackers.

I then go on to find that cracker C was the Food City Saltine Cracker. Although it was not indicated on my paper prior to sampling the crackers, this was the cracker that I felt I was least likely to purchase because it was the most inexpensive brand to purchase and the grocery stores that Food City saltine crackers are sold in are just in a regional area (feeling that it would be the least appealing one to eat).

Ultimately our class as a whole realized that the brand of saltines they would "choose" to eat was not the one they actually liked the best. We were left to think about how much branding and our personal/emotional feelings about products influence our decisions. Also, how our rational decisions, such as doing this blind taste test, for the majority, did not match up with our emotional decisions. 

I know that this was a long post, but I left this class very curious about the whole idea of branding, emotional feelings, and how it affects our purchasing decisions.

Have you ever thought about how branding and emotional decisions affect your day-to-day purchases?

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Dr. Hoy


Pursuit twenty three: Inspirit

I have decided to start a new tradition with The Pursuits of Price. Every Monday I will make a post with a piece of work that inspirits me. These works will range from print advertisements, commercials, short films, radio spots, outdoor media, artwork, etc. I have chosen Monday because it is the start of the week for everyone. These inspirit posts motivate me to continue following my pursuits.

Ultimately, each inspirit post will have intrigued me by either being great work, thought provoking, comical, or unique. I will leave each inspirit post up for your own interpretation as I would love to hear some feedback from you!

For my first inspirit post I have chosen a short 60-second film made for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) entitled "We Are All Connected". This film was directed by Mato Atom under the Troublemakers.TV production company. For this work, WWF was the client of Ogilvy & Mather Mexico. 

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Pursuit twenty two: Spring fever!

I am a lover of J.Crew and Lilly Pulitzer. The clean lines, color palette, and overall designs of their clothes make me lust over them time and time again. Currently, Lilly Pulitzer has started rolling out their Spring 2011 collection, and J.Crew has a Spring 2011 look book on their website.

Here are some looks that I am pining over...

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Pursuit twenty one: Shabby Chic It

This past semester for my Advertising 350 course we had to create a website for a company. Whether the company was already in existence or made up did not matter to my professor. After pondering my possible choices I ended up creating a small business called Shabby Chic It. 
As you might know, Shabby Chic is already a brand and style of design that has become famous due to the creative ideas of Rachel Ashwell. The Shabby Chic style has been among my favorite design styles for quite some time due to its simplicity, color schemes, and use of miss match pieces.
The premise behind my Shabby Chic It business spawned off my love of finding old pieces of furniture or odd things that one might not equate for design purposes, revamping them, and ultimately having something new to add to my decor. Shabby Chic It would allow people to come into a relaxed environment with their worn down or odd furniture finds and ultimately add new life to their pieces with the help of paint, tools, beading, trim, accessories, etc. that would be made available for them to use and purchase in the store.
Instead of having an interior designer come in to your home, or purchasing a finished piece, Shabby Chic It would allow you to be personally involved with the design and evolution of your furniture piece.
Obviously this business does not exist and it was my first attempt at making a website for a mock company, so there is room for improvement. However, it is always fun for me to create and imagine...

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Special thanks to:
Rachel Ashwell's website: http://www.shabbychic.com/
Rachel Ashwell's blog: http://rachelashwellshabbychic.blogspot.com/


Pursuit twenty: Digital magazines

In the past year I have becoming a blogger and a tweeter. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was introduced to the world of Twitter seeing as it was requirement for one of advertising courses. After a few rocky couple of weeks, I now believe that I have mastered the task of tweeting. Taking on these two new hobbies has introduced me to so many new and exciting outlets to further my pursuits towards obtaining a career in advertising and stretching my personal design and creative pursuits.

It was through blogging and twitter that I became aware of two new digital magazines that were recently introduced to the public. Matchbook Magazine made its debut on January 25th, 2011 and High Gloss Magazine made its debut today, February 1st, 2011.

1. Matchbook Magazine

2. High Gloss Magazine

It has been exciting for me to view these magazines in a new way (digitally). It took some getting use to, but having the ability to zoom in and flip back and forth easily made it easy to comprehend in no time. Both of these magazines are free to view, will have monthly additions, and cover a wide variety of topics.

Check them out; I think they might strike your fancy!

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Special thanks to:
Matchbook magazine: http://matchbookmag.com/
High Gloss Magazine http://highglossmagazine.com/