Pursuit one hundred & fifteen: Circle Brewing Company

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to volunteer at an Open House for a great microbrewery based out of Austin, Texas called Circle Brewing Company. Having stumbled upon the brewery and its owners due to mutual friends back in October, this company and its simplistic yet tastefully fantastic brewing combinations have definitely won me over. 

At this point in time their winter seasonal amber ale known as "Nameless" is rocking the charts for me. Sans the spices, this ale is hopped up with six different hops giving it the perfect winter punch to keep me trucking through the "winter" months in Texas. 

On March 10th, 2012 Circle Brewing Co. will be celebrating their one-year anniversary with an Open House at the brewery! They will also be debuting their latest brewing masterpiece, the Alibi Blonde (I am pretty excited!). So, if you are in their neck of the woods on March 10th you should definitely stop by and enjoy a sample or two of some Circle brews.

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Pursuit one hundred & thirteen: Learning From the Pursuits of Another ~ Anna Soliveres

Do you ever think about why some people do the bare minimum and some go so far above and beyond, they’re like a real life superhuman? These people seem to have an abundance of energy that the thought of just makes you sag with exhaustion.

After much thought, I've come to realize that it doesn't have much to do with energy at all. Sure your physical state helps, but these people seem to be driven with an unbelievable amount of focus and desire. The question is, why? What drives them to exhaust so much more energy when so many others spend their limited time doing just enough?

"We do what we do at the level we do it because of self-interest; we think it's best for us. Those who work hard do so because they believe there is a reward awaiting them that not only justifies their efforts, but demands their dedication" - says David Niven, PhD, author of 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People

These people who function like supermen/women know the value of the things they want and the level of commitment and effort that it requires of them to get there.

I meet some of the brightest students from all across the country. Their resumes could put mine and several of my colleagues to absolute shame! These students volunteer to help children in need, raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a good cause, have won every physics contest in the U.S.; they are working on their second masters or PhD, have their own start-up, written publications--the list is endless! And they tell me they're working towards something that they believe will make their lives amazing. So they work around the clock doing everything, competing against classmates, against themselves, pushing their limits trying to get ahead. They know the value of what they want and how much it will ask of them. So they do it. Whatever it takes. They do it.

So you have a goal--a dream. You're not there yet, but you want to be. It means that much to you. Ask yourself: how much dedication is it going to require of me to get there? Write it down. Make a promise to yourself--that getting there will make your life better. Lay out a timeline, set progressive goals to meet, and then make it happen.

What I'm telling you may or may not motivate you--motivation like this only works once anyway. It's up to you to keep yourself psyched and achieve the smaller milestones you set. This is the true measure of success, the propeller of motivation—reaching those small milestones one at a time. That's what will keep you motivated.

Have confidence in yourself that you too will succeed!

My name is Anna, I work full time as a relationship specialist for a leading software company in the Silicon Valley and I am an aspiring novelist. One day, my books will sit amongst the shelves of readers around the world. That's what drives me. Thousands of hours are spent on trying to achieve this goal, and I won't stop until I get there.

Follow Anna on her written journey to become published novelist at, If you wish to be a writer, write.


Pursuit one hundred & eleven: VCTV - The VMware University Relations Program

This past Friday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dustin Stites, Sr. Manager of University Recruiting and Relations at VMware on the latest episode of VMware Careers TV (#VCTV). Not only did I learn what Star Wars character Dustin would be if he had the choice, but I gained some inside info that anyone interested in interning at VMware should definitely be in the loop about.

Seeing as this was my second time to host VCTV there is definitely still room for improvement on my end. Although this episode ended up being recorded due to technical difficulties with our equipment, VCTV is normally a live broadcast, so any hiccup is caught on film for all to see. 

For those of you who have been on a live broadcast before, what are your suggestions for staying on track and not fumbling your words? My thoughts would be practice, practice, & more practice. But, I would love to know what you all think!

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Pursuit one hundred & ten: HAPPY FRIDAY

In lieu of participating in The Color Run 5K tomorrow in Austin....

I give you this...

and this...


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Pursuit one hundred & nine: Try something new for 30 days

Yesterday at work I overheard snippets of a conversation that two of my co-workers were having. Phrases such as 30-days..., seeing what it would be like to live without ______ in life, etc., is all that I seemed to have derived from their conversation. It is funny thinking back on this now because while I was overhearing this conversation I failed to catch all of the important pieces of the story. One might think they were discussing rehab or a terrible event by the horrible relay of information that I just gave you...

Fast forward to several hours later and I was talking to one of the aforementioned co-workers. She brought up how throughout the past couple of weeks in this new year she has on more than one occasion run into people discussing trying out new things in their lives, or removing something from their lives, you know, to see what it would be like, and to ultimately test their will power.

She referred to Matt Cutts, an individual who gave a TED talk entitled: Try something new for 30 days, and how she felt compelled by his talk and her recent encounters with trying something out for thirty days to start implementing something like this in her life. She mentioned how Matt Cutts felt like time began to slow down when he started implementing these daily practices in his life for thirty days. Now if you are like me, I would definitely like to stop time to catch a breather every once in awhile. 

After speaking with my co-worker I began to think about what I could either bring in or take out of my life for thirty days. The first couple of ideas all seemed to involve me taking something out of my life, and the task already began to feel too depressing. So, I scratched the idea of taking something out of my life, and decided that bringing something into my life would be more enjoyable.

Above: Evidence of the books that I have either finished
 or let hit the wayside under my bedside table

Right now you might be asking yourself, "I wonder what Price decided to bring into her life?". The answer is READING. To tell you the truth I have actually finished two books within the past month. But that in and of itself is a rare feet for me. One of the books that I finished was one that I started reading last winter (i.e. March of 2011). However, I have noticed that my action of taking about 15-45 minutes at night during the past month to read has been extremely beneficial. It has helped me wind down from the day, focus on something other than work, and ultimately stimulate my brain (ALL GOOD THINGS).

So why not keep doing this? The answer is that I am. Well at least for the next thirty days. I want to challenge myself to take at least thirty minutes a day to read for thirty days. Whether it is right before I go to bed, or at some random point during the day, I will make this happen. I believe that it is going to be a good thing. 

Want to know what book I will be reading today?
Social Media 101 by Chris Brogan (Thanks for the book Will Staney)

The two books that I read in January were Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? [And Other Concerns] by Mindy Kaling and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I am almost embarrassed to say that I read those two books (because I want to appear like the intellectually superior individual that I am...just kidding), but hey, I enjoy a lighthearted read that either A) Makes me laugh so hard that I want to cry or B) Is a mother f*ing page turner even though it is targeted for the preteen audience.

I thought I could "get real" and on an adult level with my next read of Social Media 101 (maybe also learn a thing or two for work).

What is something new that you would like to try for thirty days?

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Pursuit one hundred & eight: Captured on Foot

This past Saturday the pup and I saddled up to go explore downtown Austin. I parked the car at an undisclosed location and set off for a day of discovery. There is nothing like setting out on foot with no particular destination in mind. I love the spontaneity of stumbling upon new places, listening to the sounds of life all around, and capturing whatever peaks my fancy at the moment. 

My latest obsession... the instagram app, helped me capture the discoveries of the day.

Take the journey through my snapshots below...

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Pursuit one hundred & six: Welcome Home Boy Blue

Last evening my steal of gem couch was delivered to my apartment. To say that I literally resisted reaching out to latch on and hug the two guys that delivered Boy Blue (yes, I have somehow already dubbed my vintage hella cool couch "Boy Blue") because I was astonished at how decent and totally awesome it looked in real life and in my apartment is an understatement.

If you are a recent grad like myself and are on the hunt for furniture that is not $1,000+, but still want nice ("good bones" and all) furniture, I would highly recommend going on the hunt for some hidden treasures at antique or thrift shops. After initially seeing a post for Boy Blue on a Craigslist ad this past Saturday, I knew it was the one. With a mere $180 price tag and looks that could kill, I knew that I had to reach out to the individuals at Far Out Home Fittings in Austin, Texas who had posted the ad for the couch.

After seeing the couch in person this past Sunday, and seeing its potential for greatness, I knew that it was the one. The guys over at Far Out Home Fittings were really helpful and even delivered my couch for free (bonus points). I will definitely be hitting up Far Out Home Fittings again as I saw many other items that tickled my fancy...

Maybe in a few years Boy Blue will be reupholstered, but for right now I am digging my velvet blue couch and thinking up of all the accessorizing possibilities for it and my crib.

Have you found any hidden treasures recently that have taken ahold of your creative self?

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Pursuit one hundred & five: Learning From the Pursuit of Another ~ Helen Anderson

Hello to all pursuit followers!

My name is Helen Anderson and in 2011 I graduated with an honours degree in Interior Architecture, from Edinburgh Napier University. Since graduation, time seems to have flown by, however I have still managed to fit in many wondrous pursuits on the way to finding what I really want to do, where I want to be and ultimately how to achieve this!

Since finishing university I have come to realise a number of things.  University is an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone.  However, it can be hard to adjust back into to reality and the 'real world' after spending three or four years in what - on reflection - seems like a bubble. To suddenly be surrounded by the pressures of getting a good job, paying off student debts, finding somewhere to live can be a haunting experience, particularly so during these times of recession in the economy. Thankfully I have not been totally blind to these realties, as I have always worked in a restaurant or cafe since I was 13, which has given me a fair insight to the reality of working life! As they say: 'a waitress job sets you up for life!'  However, after months of filling in application forms for jobs and internships, working in a cafe to pay the rent was only making me feel more lost. I soon realised that it was time to stop and focus on the creative things I love to do and work on expressing my creative skills and aim to ultimately make a living out of it!  This is where self-motivation kicks in! I am enjoying the challenge of doing all this here in sunny Northern Ireland. I am very lucky to be surrounded by encouraging and inspirational people and to have amazingly foresighted parents! Having time now to reflect on the creative projects which I have completed over the years has opened opportunities to me to explore new ways of expressing my work and to build a portfolio which more accurately represents my creative outlook.


Since I moved back home in the summer, new opportunities have thankfully evolved, gaining experience is essential part of getting me on track!... I have been involved in local voluntary work with some local designer firms, which is giving me great insight.  My dad being one of them! As he continues to give me a great understanding into how his architectural practice is run with some great experience gained on some of his design projects which I love getting involved in, and ultimately having an input of my ideas at different design stages.

I have always known through my studies what I was going to do next or where I wanted to study next, but after university, I entered uncharted territory, not knowing what to do or where to go next. I had to take a step back and allow myself time to take stock of my experiences and gather all that I have achieved. Over the past few months I have been focusing on my photography more than anything else. I have also taking time to return to painting and have even managed to squeeze in a couple of commissioned paintings for friends which has been great and I hope it continues! In the future, I hope to travel everywhere I can in the world, taking the opportunity to discover new places and people and also creatively documenting my travels!

Design Project Render

I have also been spending time getting into this business of social networking. Although challenging at first, documenting my creative pursuits through online social networking sites has been a great way of collating my creative expressions, finding new ways to stand out from the crowd in a competitive creative world, which in a way has almost sign-posted the way forward for me, pointing me in useful directions and allowing me to connect with like-minded people.  Building and updating my sites through research and documenting is something I hope to work on improving in the future…I know that it can open great opportunities that I want to explore!

There are so many different kinds of social and creative media networking sites out there, that for me it has been about trial and error and finding out what works best for me. Already it has been very rewarding for me, as it has given me a new outlook on the creative world and what is out there and importantly how I can get my 'stuff' out there. Sharing and connecting with other creatives really helps me to keep going and motivates me to improve what I do. I believe that if you keep doing what you love and continue to work hard then good things will come.

Commissioned Artwork

Thank you to Price for giving me this opportunity as your guest speaker on The Pursuits of Price! I met Price in the beautiful city of Edinburgh at university when she was on an exchange visit!  I was doing final exams at the time so sadly I did not get to see her for very long but it has been great to make contact with her again through the powers of creative networking and realizing we have similar creative pursuits!

It would be great to hear from all you pursuers of pursuits out there!  Any feedback or advice is also very welcome :)

Follow me online for my latest creative adventures

                 Portfolio website               
      Instagram: @andersonhelen

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work or would like a commission of any sort please do not hesitate to contact me. 
email: helen@haarchitecture.com

I look forward to hearing from you all! 



Pursuit one hundred & three: INSPIRIT

Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse from Kien Lam on Vimeo.

Several of my friends have recently shared this video time lapse created by Kien Lam on Facebook. It takes viewers on a visual journey through his three hundred and forty three day trip across seventeen different countries in which he captured six thousand two hundred and thirty seven photographs.

Watch it in full screen... WAY COOLER.

The experience of travel is something that has been fundamentally engrained in me by my parents. Appreciating the opportunities to do so, and readily seeking out these chances is something that I want to continue to do throughout my life.

As the hustle and bustle of every day life, work, and responsibilities seem to be encroaching on me, it is videos like this that remind me that life is short, one should seek out all opportunities, travel, and cherish the times you have with the people who have known forever, and the people you have just met.

Several countries and a state that I hope to visit in the near future are New Zealand, Canada, and Maine.

Where do you hope to venture to some day?

Following my pursuits,