Pursuit one hundred & six: Welcome Home Boy Blue

Last evening my steal of gem couch was delivered to my apartment. To say that I literally resisted reaching out to latch on and hug the two guys that delivered Boy Blue (yes, I have somehow already dubbed my vintage hella cool couch "Boy Blue") because I was astonished at how decent and totally awesome it looked in real life and in my apartment is an understatement.

If you are a recent grad like myself and are on the hunt for furniture that is not $1,000+, but still want nice ("good bones" and all) furniture, I would highly recommend going on the hunt for some hidden treasures at antique or thrift shops. After initially seeing a post for Boy Blue on a Craigslist ad this past Saturday, I knew it was the one. With a mere $180 price tag and looks that could kill, I knew that I had to reach out to the individuals at Far Out Home Fittings in Austin, Texas who had posted the ad for the couch.

After seeing the couch in person this past Sunday, and seeing its potential for greatness, I knew that it was the one. The guys over at Far Out Home Fittings were really helpful and even delivered my couch for free (bonus points). I will definitely be hitting up Far Out Home Fittings again as I saw many other items that tickled my fancy...

Maybe in a few years Boy Blue will be reupholstered, but for right now I am digging my velvet blue couch and thinking up of all the accessorizing possibilities for it and my crib.

Have you found any hidden treasures recently that have taken ahold of your creative self?

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