Pursuit one hundred & nine: Try something new for 30 days

Yesterday at work I overheard snippets of a conversation that two of my co-workers were having. Phrases such as 30-days..., seeing what it would be like to live without ______ in life, etc., is all that I seemed to have derived from their conversation. It is funny thinking back on this now because while I was overhearing this conversation I failed to catch all of the important pieces of the story. One might think they were discussing rehab or a terrible event by the horrible relay of information that I just gave you...

Fast forward to several hours later and I was talking to one of the aforementioned co-workers. She brought up how throughout the past couple of weeks in this new year she has on more than one occasion run into people discussing trying out new things in their lives, or removing something from their lives, you know, to see what it would be like, and to ultimately test their will power.

She referred to Matt Cutts, an individual who gave a TED talk entitled: Try something new for 30 days, and how she felt compelled by his talk and her recent encounters with trying something out for thirty days to start implementing something like this in her life. She mentioned how Matt Cutts felt like time began to slow down when he started implementing these daily practices in his life for thirty days. Now if you are like me, I would definitely like to stop time to catch a breather every once in awhile. 

After speaking with my co-worker I began to think about what I could either bring in or take out of my life for thirty days. The first couple of ideas all seemed to involve me taking something out of my life, and the task already began to feel too depressing. So, I scratched the idea of taking something out of my life, and decided that bringing something into my life would be more enjoyable.

Above: Evidence of the books that I have either finished
 or let hit the wayside under my bedside table

Right now you might be asking yourself, "I wonder what Price decided to bring into her life?". The answer is READING. To tell you the truth I have actually finished two books within the past month. But that in and of itself is a rare feet for me. One of the books that I finished was one that I started reading last winter (i.e. March of 2011). However, I have noticed that my action of taking about 15-45 minutes at night during the past month to read has been extremely beneficial. It has helped me wind down from the day, focus on something other than work, and ultimately stimulate my brain (ALL GOOD THINGS).

So why not keep doing this? The answer is that I am. Well at least for the next thirty days. I want to challenge myself to take at least thirty minutes a day to read for thirty days. Whether it is right before I go to bed, or at some random point during the day, I will make this happen. I believe that it is going to be a good thing. 

Want to know what book I will be reading today?
Social Media 101 by Chris Brogan (Thanks for the book Will Staney)

The two books that I read in January were Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? [And Other Concerns] by Mindy Kaling and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I am almost embarrassed to say that I read those two books (because I want to appear like the intellectually superior individual that I am...just kidding), but hey, I enjoy a lighthearted read that either A) Makes me laugh so hard that I want to cry or B) Is a mother f*ing page turner even though it is targeted for the preteen audience.

I thought I could "get real" and on an adult level with my next read of Social Media 101 (maybe also learn a thing or two for work).

What is something new that you would like to try for thirty days?

Following my pursuits,



  1. I definitely understand where you're coming from here. I went a while without reading any books and felt lesser for it. I try to read a bit every night, and it really does help you wind down (though get immersed in a novel can be detrimental to your sleep. "I'll just read ONE more chapter...).

    I'll have to check out some of the books you listed above, I could really branch out from the bizarre novels I read.

  2. Thanks for commenting Shawn! What are these "bizarre" novels that you read? You have now peaked my interest...