Pursuit twenty one: Shabby Chic It

This past semester for my Advertising 350 course we had to create a website for a company. Whether the company was already in existence or made up did not matter to my professor. After pondering my possible choices I ended up creating a small business called Shabby Chic It. 
As you might know, Shabby Chic is already a brand and style of design that has become famous due to the creative ideas of Rachel Ashwell. The Shabby Chic style has been among my favorite design styles for quite some time due to its simplicity, color schemes, and use of miss match pieces.
The premise behind my Shabby Chic It business spawned off my love of finding old pieces of furniture or odd things that one might not equate for design purposes, revamping them, and ultimately having something new to add to my decor. Shabby Chic It would allow people to come into a relaxed environment with their worn down or odd furniture finds and ultimately add new life to their pieces with the help of paint, tools, beading, trim, accessories, etc. that would be made available for them to use and purchase in the store.
Instead of having an interior designer come in to your home, or purchasing a finished piece, Shabby Chic It would allow you to be personally involved with the design and evolution of your furniture piece.
Obviously this business does not exist and it was my first attempt at making a website for a mock company, so there is room for improvement. However, it is always fun for me to create and imagine...

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Special thanks to:
Rachel Ashwell's website: http://www.shabbychic.com/
Rachel Ashwell's blog: http://rachelashwellshabbychic.blogspot.com/

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