Pursuit twenty three: Inspirit

I have decided to start a new tradition with The Pursuits of Price. Every Monday I will make a post with a piece of work that inspirits me. These works will range from print advertisements, commercials, short films, radio spots, outdoor media, artwork, etc. I have chosen Monday because it is the start of the week for everyone. These inspirit posts motivate me to continue following my pursuits.

Ultimately, each inspirit post will have intrigued me by either being great work, thought provoking, comical, or unique. I will leave each inspirit post up for your own interpretation as I would love to hear some feedback from you!

For my first inspirit post I have chosen a short 60-second film made for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) entitled "We Are All Connected". This film was directed by Mato Atom under the Troublemakers.TV production company. For this work, WWF was the client of Ogilvy & Mather Mexico. 

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