Pursuit thirty one: National Geographic photography

Recently I had the opportunity to watch a great documentary on PBS about the top ten photographs of 2010 for National Geographic Magazine. Not only were the images themselves awe inspiring, but the depth and thought behind each selected photograph made me want to delve deeper into their subject matter. I always love when a photograph has the ability to transcend a moment in time to tell a story that can be understood without words.  It is without question that the photographers and journalists who work for National Geographic are among the best in the world, but it is their knowledge and overall passion for their craft that make me desire and hope that my pursuits will somehow be intertwined with my career in the future. 

After viewing the documentary, I went to the National Geographic website to see what other intriguing photographs I could find. 

Below are a few that peaked my interest...

Elephant Festival, India
Photograph by Marjorie Lang

Terraced Rice Field, China
Photograph by Thierry Bornier

Samburu Wedding, Kenya
Photograph by Michael Nichols

Manatee and Fish
Photograph by Yusuke Okada

Rajasthan, India
Photograph by April Maciborka

Mahout Bathing an Elephant, India
Photograph by Mohit Midha

Mother and Son, Virginia
Photograph by James L. Stanfield

Prayer Flags, Mount Everest
Photograph by Bobby Model

Monastery Window, Ladakh
Photograph by Segrjio Alware

Fishing, Celebes Sea
Photograph by Liang Huan Chuan

Bristol Bay, Alaska
Photograph by Michael Melford

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