Pursuit thirty three: My guitar playing dream...

When I was twelve years old I received a guitar for Christmas. At that time in my life I would have told you that I was going to become famous... I would either be rocking out on my guitar singing away like the singer Jewel, or would be gracing the set of some movie showing off my amazing acting skills (and of course, I would be BFF with John Travolta). I remember being beyond excited, as I knew that I was going to become an amazing guitar playing superstar. In my more rational twelve-year-old mind I at least believed that I was going to learn how to play this guitar...

However, ten years later and that dream has yet to become a reality...

Over this spring break my dad mentioned to me that he had whipped out my guitar from the dusty corner that it had been quietly residing in, and that he had started "teaching himself" the chords so that he could eventually play a song or two.

As I had time to kill over the break, I thought I would take a shot at the finger workouts on the guitar. Within seconds of watching the above video I realized that it is hard as hell to play the guitar.... and my twenty-two year old self realized that my twelve-year-old dream of becoming a major super star like Jewel was never going to become a reality. 

Ultimately, the point of this post is my personal realization that some pursuits in life will not turn out how you think they will (hence my lack of guitar playing skills). However, I believe that it is the constant change and growth of pursuits and passions throughout life that lead you towards your greatest strengths, and the pursuits with which one should continue to follow. It is what you take from all of these different experiences that matters.  

From now on I think that I will just stick to listening and appreciating the musical talents of others, because honestly I am a horrible singer (the melodies that come out of my mouth should be kept for my ears and my ears only).

On that note, I will leave you with one of the many songs that I would air guitar and sing to as a young girl (haha...too freaking funny)!

Following my pursuits,


Special thanks to:
The Finger Gym Guitar Lesson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf7OTbl__aU


  1. along those lines, i should probably admit that i will never learn how to play the fiddle. but i just can't bring myself to do it! some delusions have their place, i suppose...

  2. by the way, "presby" is me, mary allison. i'm logged in under my work account. oops1

  3. Haha, I guess it is more fun to fantasize about playing the guitar and how fun it would seem... but actually learning is the hard (not fun) part in my opinion

    Love having your comments : )