Pursuit eighty one: Bringing some RED into my life: Bedside table style

As of late I have been on a major design kick. Whether it is because I have an excess amount of free time on my hands, or the anticipation of a future new apartment I am not really sure... However, I love decorating places and spaces. This past weekend, my mom and I went to the fabric store to purchase fabric to make my headboard. Much to our dismay (haha-totally kidding with the use of dismay), the fabric we are using, Crazy Ol Bird-Midnight was sold out! The lady at the store told us that it would be back in stock in about a week, so she would give us a ring when it comes in. Although I was hoping to get a start on the headboard this past weekend, I was all right with waiting because I know that this is the fabric meant for the headboard (haha). 

There is only so much time in a day to entertain dogs, job hunt, exercise, do my "Internet thing" (A.K.A. surf the net for copious amounts of time), mingle with friends, and watch HGTV.... so while perusing the blog, Little Green Notebook, I came upon a post entitled, I heart Oil Based Paints. After reading this post, and knowing that I wanted to revamp or purchase a new side table for my bedroom, the light bulb went off in my head. I wanted to paint my white side table RED!... and not just any red, fire engine red with an oil based finish.

While my parents were on the hunt for some plants for our backyard this past weekend, I tagged along and purchased Rust-Oleum's Safety Red Gloss paint with an oil-based finish (Thanks to Jenny Komenda's post about oil-based paints on Little Green Notebook). Going from a white side table with a shabby chic style room to a bold red color is a drastic change, but a change that I am looking forward to experiencing. 

White side table from the Pottery Barn Outlet

Going for a bold new look with Rust-Oleum's Oil-Based Safety Red.

O la la

It ended up taking three days and three coats of paint to fully get rid of the white paint.

Ta-da, the finished product!! Pretty awesome I must say :) The red ties in perfectly with one of the colors from the Crazy Ol Bird fabric that I am using for my headboard. P.S. Did you recognize that lamp? It is the lamp that I made a couple of months back and wrote a post about the experience entitled,  Pursuit sixty nine: Making a Lamp.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the outcome of this side table. Onward to the next design project... Will it be making a silhouette photo of my Chocolate lab's head (Silly but totally serious about this one), or waiting for the fabric to make my headboard to come in?? Only time will tell...

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