Pursuit eighty: Inspirt

Today's Inspirit post features one of the many amazing sounds of nature... the sound of rain falling. Yesterday, Memphis had the pleasure of receiving rain all day long. Now I am definitely one who enjoys sunny skies and warm weather. However, I like when it rains because it seems to change the pace of the day. Rain seems to slow things down a bit. 

Yesterday's rain allowed me to rest, reflect on current situations, think about future goals, come up with new decorating ideas (I want to paint my side table RED), attempt to entertain the dogs inside, go running in the rain with my mom, watch a ton of HGTV, and enjoy life in my pj's for the majority of the day.

I often notice that I do not know what to do when the pace slows down a bit in my schedule. I am so used to being busy with work and daily tasks. What I have realized is that it is all right to be bored with nothing to do sometimes. This unscheduled time can allow you to rest, relax, do an activity you would have otherwise not done if you were busy, and make plans for the future.

So enjoy this delightful YouTube video that has the peaceful sounds of rain falling. Sitting back and listening to rain fall is pretty awesome if I must say.

What do you do on a rainy day?

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