Pursuit eighty seven: Design in Progress

 If you have taken away anything about me through this blog, I hope that you have learned that I enjoy design. Whether it is appreciating the design talents of others, or expressing myself through my own attempts of creation, I am all for design. My recent move to Austin has given me a blank canvas to play with- this canvas being my new apartment. Having brought some pieces from school as well as my parents' home, I have had some items to start off my design fun. 

Decorating my apartment will be a work in progress, and is definitely something that will not happen over night. For me this is great because it allows me time to explore the city to find the right stores that will give me design inspiration, and it also allows me time to figure out how it really is that I want my apartment to be decorated. 

Here are some snapshots of my design in progress. 


Following my pursuits,


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