Pursuit eighty six: Settling in

As you all may have noticed, my "hiatus" from The Pursuits of Price lasted a wee bit longer than two weeks... more like two months. Over the course of these past months I have been settling in to a variety of new environments. The first major change is that I now live in Austin, Texas due to a job that I acquired earlier this fall. I now work for a tech company called VMware as their Social Recruiting Community Manager. My job allows me to oversee the VMware Careers and VMware University Relations social sites. Pretty nifty I must say! 

Moving to Austin and starting a new job has been quite the whirlwind. I hit the nail on the head with my preconceived notions of Austin... it is freaking amazing (yes, freaking amazing)! If I could mold aspects of different cities that I like (i.e. their geographical makeup), this would be it. I have a little bit of the "city vibe", and a little bit of the "outdoor vibe". The best of both worlds for me! 

 "City vibe"

                                                                                "Outdoor vibe"

Starting my job at VMware has changed up the day-to-day schedule that I was rolling with as a youthful student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. No longer am I debating what to do with the copious amounts of time I had between classes (I kid, I kid-You all know I was studying my guts out while I was at college). I am now working (which I like). Adjusting to this change in pace and schedule put a minor halt on The Pursuits of Price. But no more, The Pursuits of Price is back! 

As with all of my pursuits, and my life in general, this pursuit of blogging for me is an evolution (or so I hope). I have many aspirations for this blog. Evolving the design scheme of the blog, expanding the content, and writing more posts of substance are just a few hopes I have for my relationship with The Pursuits of Price

Only time will tell where The Pursuits of Price will go... I hope you will join me to find out.

Following my pursuits,


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