Pursuit nineteen: A moment captured in time

Yesterday after a year and a half I finally put new ink cartridges in my printer here at school. With the hustle and bustle of schoolwork, studying abroad, and enjoying life, I did not get around to purchasing new ink cartridges for my printer. After setting the cartridges in place and letting the printer do its job of printing out an alignment page, I thought all was set and done. However, a couple of seconds after the alignment page printed out the printer started to print again.

Low and behold, after a year and a half this image printed out before my eyes...

I was shocked and excited to see this photo collage that I created for my fall 2009 Advertising 340 class sitting in the printer for me to view. This collage had been waiting as time past through a year and a half to actually print (I suppose I ran out of ink when I went to print it haha). These individual photos within the collage capture a moment in time when I had the great experience of traveling to Ghana, Africa. Each image has a story behind it for me, so it was fun to take a moment out of my afternoon to revisit these photos that I used to create the collage.

The view from the Cape Coast Castle

Some sweet schoolboys that we met

I was very impressed by her balance

Monkeys enjoying the bananas that we fed to them by hand

Climbing on a canopy walk through Kakum National Park

Although not from Ghana, I used this kite in my collage

A pretty sunset after a long bus ride listening to the same Bob Marley CD over and over again with our bus driver

This random encounter with my photo collage from sophomore year of college reminded me to stop every once and awhile to appreciate the moments captured in my lifetime that have shaped the way I think, feel, act, and explore.

Following my pursuits,


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