Pursuit seventeen: "House Hunting"

For all of my avid followers I am sorry for the absence on my blog. I was enjoying time with family and friends over the holidays, as well as looking for pursuits with substance of mine to write about for you!

While at home in Memphis for Christmas break, I spent a good bit of time watching two of my favorite television shows House Hunters and House Hunters International on HGTV (Home & Garden Television) because they happened to be on TV almost every single night. This show is perfect for me because for as long as I can remember I have had a passion that I have mostly kept to myself (really just my parents and a handful of people know) for interior design and the architecture of houses. I enjoy the detail and thought that go into designing a home, the different styles of architecture, and the quality of good craftsmanship.

The premise behind House Hunters and House Hunters International is to give viewers an inside look into peoples housing options and their ultimate decisions when trying to purchase a home (whether it be for vacation or primary living). During each episode, the person, couple, or family who is looking to buy tours three different homes in a certain city. Each of the three homes can be listed for various prices, have varying architectural styles, and can be located in different parts of a city. 

One of the most fascinating parts for me while viewing these shows is to see what the potential home owner(s) view as important qualities in a home. Is it the size or price that is important to them, the location, and do they like an older home with character or a new home that gives them a fresh start? At the end of each episode, the show has a reveal that announces which of the three homes the participant(s) ultimately chose. I love trying to guess which house they are going to purchase before it is announced (I have even gotten my parents and brother in on this show and the guessing of which house is chosen at the end of the episode haha). 

Whenever I am out walking or driving around I take in the design of buildings and homes. In my recent "house hunt" I captured several photos of homes that intrigued me architecturally. Now let me tell you that I felt like a total sketch ball slowly bringing my car to a stop to snap a photo of these homes all the while my dog was passed out in the passenger seat. The idea of someone writing down my license plate number as a potential robber or creeper in these neighborhoods was comic relief but also a true concern for me haha... 

The modern style of this apartment with clean lines is really appealing to me. I would love to know the interior design style of this apartment (loft style?). 

Although it is hard to see in this particular photo, the stone and woodwork of this home is amazing!

I am also a lover of more traditional style homes.

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