Pursuit fifty four: I heart Memphis

A couple of weeks ago I began getting the itch to go to Memphis. Having grown up in Memphis my entire life prior to going to college, almost all of my memories surround this city. As much I enjoy exploring new places and taking adventures elsewhere, it is always nice to come home to Memphis.

This weekend my dog Smith and I made the five and a half hour trek across the state of Tennessee to come 'home'. After spending time today exploring midtown and downtown Memphis with my dog and camera in tow, I was reminded why I love this city so much. Sounds of workers and music patrons enveloped my senses as the annual Memphis in May Sunset Symphony was gearing up. New architectural developments amidst the old buildings of downtown peaked my fancy. And of course, seeing old friends and family after spans of time have passed and feeling like nothing has changed is always comforting. So, no matter where I end up in life, a part of me will always be in Memphis.

Following my pursuits,