Pursuit forty six: Change

Yesterday, I had a case of the worries. As I am close to rapping up my undergraduate career in college, so many unanswered questions lay before me. Just like any other period in time where there is a change in routine, I lose the control that I secretly (maybe a secret to some) so greatly enjoy. As I have gotten older and had the opportunity to look back at all my experiences in my expansive twenty-two years of life, I have realized that these changes, although hard to get through, have ended up making me a different, more complex, and interesting individual. I have come to gladly take on change, always wondering where my life will go because of it. However, I believe that there will always be a part of me, like yesterday, that just wants to curl up into a ball and yell, "STOP!"

Now, whenever these moments of worry and uncertainty arise, I always tell myself, and make myself re-aware of the fact that in the past, no matter how scary, hard, or uncontrollable a period of change has seemed, in the end I have made it out onto the other side, and have been a happier individual because of it.

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Special thanks to:
Sara Elizabeth Nickalson or Emily Coulter for taking this picture of me atop King Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

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