Pursuits thirty seven: Inspirit

While going on an arbor this past Saturday with my dog Smith, I came upon a wide array of artwork throughout downtown Knoxville. After researching more about this spectacle, I learned that this artwork is apart of the Dogwood Arts Festival's Arts in Public Places event. This artwork will be displayed from April 1st, 2011 through March 16th, 2012 in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. So, if you are in the Knoxville area during this time, and are looking for something to do... go out on foot, bicycle, Rollerblades, or whatever your mode of transportation is and try to find the artwork from Arts in Public Places. The Dogwood Arts Festival has many other events going on during the next couple of months, so check out the website: http://www.dogwoodarts.com/

I personally want to enter myself into the Corn Hole Tournament on April 29th : )

Below are some photos that I captured of the artwork...

Dinner Party by Patricia Tinajero

Portal by Mike Roig

Series: Junk Shot by Kenneth M. Thompson

Confessions by Mike R. Sohikian

Dragon Fly Sconce by Steven Swenor

The Cycle by Hanna Jubran

Cognition by Mary Ruden

Boxes in a Box by Samuel A. Burns

Mixed Emotions by Davis Whitfield, IV

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Special thanks to:
Dogwood Arts Festival: http://www.dogwoodarts.com/

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