Pursuit forty: Social Slam 2011

Yesterday I had the exciting opportunity to attend Social Slam, Knoxville's first social media conference. When I heard about this event a couple of months ago, I knew on a personal and professional level that this event would benefit me as social media seems to be taking over the world... The conference was highly informative. With guest speakers, panel discussions, and opportunities to chat with other people interested in social media, this event was a great live social networking opportunity.
Chance Vineyard (classmate) and me

 The Top Eleven Points that I took away from Social Slam 2011:
1. The Three-Fold Hunger:
-We all want to be heard
-We all want to be understood
-We all want to know that our lives count
(This is driving human behavior & social media)
Trey Pennington

2. Social media allows us to hear people's hearts and souls
-In the past people's voices would be smothered by traditional media
Ryan Sauers

3. "Social media is the new wild wild west of marketing"
Deborah Weinstein

4. The Five Golden Rules
-Be innovative
-Be integrated
-Be credible
-Be relevant
-Measure, evaluate, and celebrate
Deborah Weinstein

5. Whatever you post on the Internet is:
Amy Howell

6. ROI
=Return on Investment
=Risk of Ignorance
Amy Howell

7. Mobile Year in Review 2010
Christina Kerley

8. In three to five years, mobile devices (i.e. smart phones) will be a first screen Internet device. This means that a smart phone will be an individual's regular first contact with the Internet. 
Christina Kerley

9. We are living in two worlds at the same time
-Real world
-Digital world
Christina Kerley & Mark Schaefer

10. Augmented Reality
-Optically layering a new world over the real world
- A virtual tour guide while on a real world tour
-Virtual toy collecting
-Virtual coupons
-Google Goggles
Mark Schaefer

11. The new normal
-Multiple convos
-Multiple devices 
Christina Kerley

There were many other interesting points that were made at this event, but there is only so much that I "should" write in order to keep your attention span since we all seem to be multi-tasking in this day and age. A point that was continually discussed and that I am interested to see what takes place, is where social media will be in five years? I must admit that I am unsure, but I cannot wait to find out!

Following my pursuits,


Special thanks to:
Social Media Club Knoxville: http://socialmediaclub.org/chapter/knoxville
All of the speakers, sponsors, and people behind the scenes 


  1. Way to go Price! Great post. Enjoyed meeting you!

  2. Thanks Mark! It was a fun event, and I learned a lot!

  3. Hi there! Thanks for this, just an fyi that the slideshow from my presentation is here: http://www.slideshare.net/ckEpiphany/meet-your-mobile-planet-this-changes-everything-again

    I had such a wonderful time at the event and I hope that everyone is VERY excited about all that is ahead of us in this new mobile frontier :-)


  4. Your welcome! Yes, I too am interested to see where society will be in relationship with social media and mobile... I am only twenty-two, but it has already changed so much!