Pursuit sixty eight: Fabric hunting

Recently I have had the creative bug to redesign the vibe of my future room. Having moved back to Memphis until I find a job outside of the state (preferably), or can no longer handle living at home with the rents, I have had the opportunity to fulfill some of my creative urges. Yesterday my mom and I went to a local fabric store to check out some swatches. 

I am currently in the works of designing a new headboard for my bed and needed some fabric ideas for covering the headboard. My mom was looking for fabric to have one of our couches reupholstered. Below are some of the fabric swatches that tickled our fancy...

It was funny to notice how much my mom and I are alike as we were both feeling each and every fabric with our hands. We are both tactile and visual people...haha! Fabric hunting was just stage one in the headboard making process. I will keep you updated on the creative fun as my mom and I design the style of the headboard frame, and make it all come to life! 

Do any of these swatches tickle your fancy... or make you want to shriek in terror?? I would love to know what you all think : )

Following my pursuits,



  1. Oh! I love the top row of swatches; however, I can see you loving the birdy ones closer to the bottom. They're all gorgeous though!


  2. I love all of the swatches too! My mom is in love with the dark blue bird swatch... she has started to make me think that could possibly be the one for my headboard : )