Pursuit sixty six: Triscuit Plant a Seed~Grow a Movement challenge results

So, it has been almost a month, and I have successfully grown my herb seeds. When I started this challenge I thought I was growing basil. However, I quickly realized that the seeds that were sprouting up were not basil seeds. I had thrown out the Triscuit box a couple of weeks prior to planting, so I had semi forgotten what type of seeds they were. I thought I had remembered the box saying basil seeds, but they ended up being dill seeds (he he)... either way I grew some seeds!!

The Triscuit box photo shoot 

June 17th~The seeds first day in the pot

June 24th~One week

June 30th~Two weeks

July 1st~Two & a half weeks

July 11th~A little over three weeks

Here is what the Triscuit Home Farming website has to say about dill: http://www.homefarming.com/CropGuide/Crop/Details/36/dill

I am going to keep growing my dill, but I just wanted to share with you all the progress of my herb seeds! 

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Special thanks to: 
Triscuit Home Farming: http://www.homefarming.com/

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