Pursuit seventy seven: Making a Headboard Part 1

A couple of posts ago I wrote about how I was on the hunt for fabric because my mom and I are going to make a headboard for my (future) new apartment. Well... a couple of weeks ago, my mom stumbled upon a headboard with an amazing shape (see below) in a not so amazing location. She knew that it would be the perfect headboard base to revamp, and that it would be a lot easier to strip it down to the bare bones than to make a headboard frame out of scratch, so we knew that it had to be ours...

(Smith manages to get a bit of himself into every one of these photos)

Don't be fooled by the stains or peach fabric ruching... this headboard has some great bones and just needs a little TLC to get back into tip top shape :)

With the necessary tools: gloves, standard screwdriver, & eye pin pliers...

and hundreds of staples later, I was starting to make progress with the headboard.

It took roughly two days with several breaks to get all of the fabric off and the majority of the staples out of the frame.

After having taken everything off of the frame, I cannot wait to march ahead with the next step of the headboard-making project. Next stop will be to purchase foam, batting, fabric, and lots of staples for the staple gun!! Woo hoo :)

Following my pursuits,


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