Pursuit seventy six: A Montage of Travels

Having had the opportunity to study abroad on more than one occasion while in college is something that I will forever be grateful for... My time abroad not only allowed me to travel to places I had never been, but it also forced me to step out of my comfort zone, meet a wide variety of people, and see the beauty in different cultures.

Since I have been back in the U.S., and like most people do, I often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and sometimes forget about these great experiences and the exact details of certain events that I had abroad. It is because of this that from time to time I will go through all of my photos to recapture the memories, and thus why I decided to create this short video of some of my favorite snapshots and actual footage that I filmed on my camera.

The opportunity to travel is a gift that I hope everyone has the chance to receive at some point in their lives. Whether it is to a different country, a different state, or even a different city, the experiences and memories made will far outweigh any tangible gift that an individual could receive...

Enjoy- Here is to the pursuit of travel for all!

Following my pursuits,


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