Pursuit seventy two: Shelby Farms Dog Park

Since I have been back in Memphis, I have taken over the role of dog entertainer in my household. Since my parents are at work all day, and my brother recently moved to Brooklyn, it is just three dogs, a cat, and myself hanging out at the house. You might be saying to yourself, "Dang, that is a lot of dogs!"

Have no fear... the Smith household is a sort of "boarding school" or "camp" for animals at the moment. My family likes to call it "Camp Linden". My brother's dog, Gracie, and my dog, Smith are living here for the time being with our family dog and cat.

For today's dog adventure, I decided to spice things up by taking all three pups to the Shelby Farms Dog Park. For me, this park is like the Mecca of all dog parks in Memphis. It is a little hard to find since Shelby Farms is so huge, but once you find it, it is like heaven on earth for dogs.

Three great things about the Shelby Farms Dog Park:
1. It is MASSIVE
2. It has two huge ponds for dogs to swim in
3. All dogs are free to roam around and do whatever they please

Here are some snapshots of Harper, Gracie, and Smith having a blast today at the park!

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