Pursuit five: Music to my ears

In my last lap of college (senior year), I am mostly taking classes that are required for my major (Advertising). One of the classes that I am currently taking is Advertising 350. The purpose of this course is to introduce my fellow students and I to the theory and application of creativity in advertising. It covers a range of topics including the history of advertising creativity, the nature of creativity, and the application of creative strategy to various media.

Our current assignment involves writing a creative platform for a particular vegetable or fruit that is being promoted by a various trade association, and then we are supposed to write a radio advertisement for that particular food. It took me a couple of days to finalize my veggie, but I finally chose broccolini. When I announced to the class that I wanted to do my assignment on broccolini my professor immediately said, "broccawhat??"

BROCCOLINI (n): a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese kale with a peppery sweet taste
(Broccolini is all natural and not genetically modified, so it is safe to eat)

Broccolini = a little bit of broccoli genes + a little bit of Chinese kale genes
                            Broccoli                                              Chinese kale

Until this summer I had never eaten or heard of broccolini. It is my new favorite vegetable at the moment, and I think even picky veggie eaters would enjoy this treat! 

Moving on to the fun part though....

So we have to write a radio spot for our vegetable. Feeling that the target market was probably between the ages of 30-60 (at least a college degree, possibly a masters or doctorate) I wanted to think of something that would actually catch the attention of this target market while they were listening to the radio. There is soo much clutter on the radio these days that it is hard to get people to tune in to your radio ad.

While browsing YouTube for musical inspiration I came upon a set of videos entitled  Kickass Classical Top 100!! Now the name might be deceiving, but these videos hit on all varieties of classical music that are actually good.
                         (This link will take you to Kickass Classical Top 100)

I ended up picking Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for one of my radio ads. The ad itself is attempting to be humorous at points, but the ad itself is not really the point of this blog. While listening to all 100 (yes, I listened to every "kickass" classical song) songs, I realized that so many of these songs have been integrated into different parts of our culture (whether it be TV commercials, movies, holidays, weddings, funerals, jokes, etc.) without me ever being fully aware of it. So, if you feel the urge to listen to any of these songs you will probably be surprised by how many of them are subconsciously ingrained towards some aspect of life. 

On another note...
So you do not think I am an old fart listening to classical music, knitting away, and going to bridge night with my gal pals here is my new guilty pleasure song: 

Toot it and boot it by YG (first off, I had to Google just now who sang this song, and I have never heard of YG. But go YG for your catchy "Toot it and boot it phrase"!!)

Check out the Toot it and boot it video above! You have to get to point 1:06 in the video to get to the only point in the entire song that I know. 

My definition of a guilty pleasure song: A song that I am currently obsessed with but that I would be too embarrassed for most people to know that I secretly have the beat in my head for a good bit of the day. Also, a song in which I usually have no idea who actually sings it, nor most of the words, except for one particular phrase that will not get out of my head.

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