Pursuit one: Discovering blogs

During this first semester of my senior year at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville I found myself having some spare time (I know what you're thinking... I am a senior, I should not have spare time, but whatever the case may be, I do.) Although I love my share of Facebook stalking, I realized that it was not satisfying my curiosity anymore. I have heard people mention how interesting blogs were before, but until recently I assumed they were for people with no life (maybe that is me), but I was wrong. Blogs are very interesting! I did not realize how many blogs were out there. There is such a vast array of blogs that will tickle anyone's fancy. So, as my first blog post, I will let you in on the first couple of blogs that got me hooked on reading blogs.

The first blog I started following was Elements of Style by Erin Gates. 

Elements of Style was like hitting the jackpot of blogs for my current pursuits. Although I am an advertising major, I cannot draw to save my life. I like to think that I have the creative spirit all in my head (hopefully that will get me far). But, this blog has everything anyone interested in design, fashion, photography, travel, and any little tid bit a creative soul my like to learn about. I love this blog! : )

The second blog that I have recently become interested in is THE SARTORIALIST by Jed Root.


THE SARTORIALIST is all about taking notice of the everyday person and the art they create by what they wear. The photographs taken by Jed are from all over the world. From New York City, to Milan, and even good ole Atlanta, Georgia, Jed sees the art in all kinds of people. 

So this is where I am currently with my pursuit of blogs. I like to think they help me relax and stretch my creative imagination. So, next time you are bored and looking for something new and unique to do, check out a blog.

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