Pursuit two: Becoming one with nature

After coming back from my study abroad experience in Edinburgh, Scotland this past spring I was highly looking forward to the warm summer weather of Tennessee. I am grateful for my time abroad because I got  to experience new cultures, meet some great people, and travel at a moments notice. But, what I missed the most while abroad was my time outside (Edinburgh is a beautiful city, but it was a wee bit overcast and nippy for me). Since I have gotten back to the States, I have enjoyed becoming "one" with nature again. In the most recent months, one of my pursuits has been The Greenway trails in Knoxville, Tennessee. http://www.ci.knoxville.tn.us/greenways/

 The Sequoyah Greenway which is located in the median of the Cherokee Boulevard in the Sequoyah Hills neighborhood off of Kingston Pike has been my recent greenway of pleasure.

I have been going to this greenway on a regular basis since this summer. It has been a great opportunity to enjoy the weather, take my dog to swim in the Tennessee River, walk, run, bike, people watch, look at the architectural features of the homes, and most recently observe the changing of the seasons.

Here are some personal pictures as well as other great photos of the Sequoyah Hills Greenway:

The length of this trail is 2.6 miles

Smith (my dog) enjoying the summer weather

The trail during the fall

There is always good people watching

A pleasant view of the Tennessee River

One of the main entrances to the trail and neighborhood

Hopefully this has given you the urge to become "one" with nature wherever you might be!

Following my pursuits,  


Special thanks to:
Nostalgiaville: http://travel.nostalgiaville.com/Tennessee/Knox/sequoahhillsgreenway/sequoah%20hills%20greenway.htm

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