Pursuit three: Enriching my mind and taste buds

After dating my boyfriend for several years now, I suppose several of his interests have rubbed off on me. One interest of his that has now become somewhat of a hobby for the both of us is trying new and unique beers. While he is more willing to try anything from pale lagers to dark stouts, I am still leaning with the lighter beers. Prior to this hobby, I had the mind set that beer was beer, and that there was really nothing more to it. I have now come to see the craft that it takes to make a good beer (Believe me, I am no expert, I have just gained an appreciation for the trade haha). Until recently, it has been quite hard to find quality beer in Knoxville, and mostly in the state of Tennessee (as my boyfriend says haha). However, a new little gem opened up earlier this year in Knoxville called the Bearden Beer Market.

While driving down Kingston Pike (a main road in Knoxville) in May, I noticed that a recently closed garden center had been turned into a beer market. As I drove past it I was immediately intrigued. This place was the Bearden Beer Market, and I knew that I had to investigate this place. Later that evening my boyfriend and I went to the Beer Market, and it greatly exceeded our expectations. It was amazing! 

Noah Bowman, writer for Metro Pulse hit the nail on the head by saying, "On first entering the newly opened Bearden Beer Market, I had expected to see yet another cramped, heavily postered, and neon-lit package store, peppered with stacks cases of overpriced, slightly above-average beer. Instead I may have actually died and stepped through the gates of beer heaven". The Bearden Beer Market is a mix of quality beers that you can either drink on tap there or purchase to take home, a relaxed seating atmosphere in the once open area of the garden center, and so much more. 

When speaking with the owner, Chris Morton recently while making a purchase, he informed me that the beer on tap changes daily. This means there will always be something new to tickle your fancy. Being a college student I know what it feels like to be tight on cash, and because of this I can honestly say that the Bearden Beer Market has some great deals. 

A most recent favorite purchase of mine that was on tap was the Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale. I had never had pumpkin ale before, and it conquered my initial fears of what one might taste like. I would highly recommend it!

Now you might be asking yourself, what is the demographic of people that gather here. Well, I would say that it is a mix of people (which is a good thing in my opinion). It seems to target more of the older population (rough 25-55 age range), but being a college student I have seen a number of people of my age there as well. Every time I have been there it has never been too crowded that I have immediately thought that I wanted to run for my life. The crowd always seems to be very friendly and laid back (my kind of style). 

Here are some pictures below to give you an idea of what the Bearden Beer Market looks like if you have not experienced it yet.

The Beer Market has beer that is already chilled to go, 
or you can by it at room temp as shown above

Here is a section of the outside seating area. 
There are other areas to sit that are not shown here.
 (corn hole is present and a recently added projector
 has made an appearance featuring football games)

Some examples of beer for purchase

So, if you are ever in Knoxville, Tennessee and you get the chance, stop in to the Bearden Beer Market!

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Special thanks to:
The official website of the Bearden Beer Market: http://beardenbeermarket.com/

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