Pursuit fifteen: Putting the pedal to the metal

Bicycles have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Although throughout the years I have not ridden on a consistent basis, I have always found my way back to riding. I remember the first time that I rode a bike without training wheels. I was in Nashville, Tennessee, without parental supervision, and I surprisingly made it down the driveway in one piece. Although the actual event is a bit blurry, I have always told myself that that was the first time I rode a bicycle without training wheels.

When I was between the ages of seven to ten (roughly) I had the coolest bike EVER! It was a youth mountain bike from Target. It had both hot pink and a cool mellow green on it. I had many great moments riding that bike with friends during the afternoons and summertime. Unfortunately... that bike met its demise after it was stolen out of my garage one evening.

My next bike was another wonderful purchase from Target. It was a hunter green color. Although I had many cruises on this ride during my preteen years and early teen years, it was during this period of my life that biking became "uncool". Around the age of 14 or 15, I remember thinking that riding bikes was for people who did not have their permit or license (haha). So, for a long span of time bike riding ceased for me.

However, two summers ago I started to have the itch to ride bikes again. I have always thought that beach cruisers were pretty neat bikes, so during the summer of 2009 I purchased a mint green beach cruiser from a California based company called Beach Bikes.

Here is the model shot of my bike from the website

Here is my bike in real life parked in its garage (haha)

It also has a lovely bell on it (notice the mud marks from my "intense" cruising)

Getting this bike was a great decision. After my purchase, both of my parents wanted to join in on the biking bandwagon. My mom went and got a used 1970's Schwinn road bike, and my dad modified my old mountain bike with an "extra large" comfy seat.

Having this bike has made for some fun memories with my family, boyfriend, and with myself on my solo cruises. I have experienced flat tires miles from home, riding up hill on a one speed beach cruiser (interesting to say the least), having a bell that likes to ring on its own (makes for awkward glances from people passing by), and fun explorations around parts of town that I have never been through before.

I must say that I have not ridden my bike as much as I could lately, but riding is one pursuit that I am currently enjoying in this part of my life.

Here are some other types of bikes!

BMX bike

Unicycle (I suppose not officially a bicycle, but still cool)

Mountain bike

Recumbent Bicycle
Tandem bicycle

Road bike

Bicycle of the "future" (ooh!)

Interested to see how one might sit on this bicycle of the "future"

Bicycle of the future (love the mint blue/green color)

Which bicycle style are you?

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