Pursuit ten: Thinking outside of the box

Recently, in both my Advertising 350 and 360 classes we have been discussing outdoor advertisements. This is the first time that I have had to create an outdoor ad, and I must admit it was a little hard. An outdoor ad needs to be even more eye catching since you are ultimately trying to get someone to stop focusing on where they are going and take a moment to look at your ad.

Below are some eye catching advertisements that we discussed in class that I thought were pretty unique!

An ad on a cross walk for Mr. Clean 

An ad making use of the sewer grate

A McDonalds ad making use of an aerial view

A National Geographic Channel ad 
(Notice how the lady is walking through the mouth of the shark)

An ad for The Simpsons movie
 (The escalator makes it look like Homer is eating a ton of donuts)

I thought the Kit Kat ad was pretty genius

An ad for The Economist magazine 
(A motion sensor turns on the light when someone walks under it)

A Cingular ad for dropped calls

A public safety ad

I now find myself always on the lookout for new and unique outdoor advertisements when I am out and about!

Have you seen any cool outdoor ads lately?

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