Pursuit fourteen: For the love of Lilly

The first time that I was introduced to the fashions of Lilly Pulitzer was during the summer after sixth grade. My family had gone to New Orleans, Louisiana to drop my brother off at his first year of college at Tulane University. While my dad and brother were out running errands of their own, my mom and I decided to go browse the shops of downtown NOLA. While looking around one of the shops I remember my mom coming upon a rack of clothes with bright colors and bold patterns. Having never heard of Lilly Pulitzer prior to this, my mom began to go on a spiel about how when she was in high school she worked at a store that sold Malia dresses (a brand that was very fashionable at the time in her opinion) and how they were very similar to the Lilly Pulitzer brand of clothing.

Vintage Malia maxi dress

Vintage Malia logo

On that first encounter with the Lilly Pulitzer brand, I came out with a patchwork printed skirt that I still own to this day. From that day on I was hooked to the Lilly Pulitzer brand. It is the only brand of clothing that I consistently check the website, Facebook page, or stores to see if they have any new lines of clothing out. While the actual price of the clothing is a bit steep, in recent years they have substantially reduced the prices of some of their pieces.

I think the reason that I like the brand so much is that the clothes are bright and cheery. These clothes are one of the few material items that bring a smile to my face. They have unique prints that almost always bring up a conversation while out in public (sounds really cheesy). Presently, the Fall 2010 and Resort 2010 collections are out. Some of my favorite pieces of these two collections are below.
Gisele Dress

Sondra dress

Abella dress

Murfee Scarf- Booty caw

So whatever styles of clothing you like to rep, rep them hard (That is if you want to... haha)

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Special thanks to:
Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/lillypulitzer
Lilly Pulitzer blog: http://blog.lillypulitzer.com/


  1. hey, do you like the boden catalog? i love it! lots of bright colors too...

  2. Never heard of the Boden catalog... will have to check it out! I will look online