Pursuit fifty nine: Triscuit Plant a Seed~Grow a Movement challenge

About a month ago I purchased a box of Triscuits only to realize that I had given myself a challenge. Apparently, the Nabisco Company who owns the Triscuit brand has a new campaign entitled: Plant a Seed ~ Grow a Movement. Although I am not a farmer, nor a gardener per say, I was up for the challenge. My box of Triscuits happened to contain seeds to grow basil. Below I have captured the progress of my own movement.

Step 1: Document the Challenger

Step 2: Fully analyze the challenger 
-Read directions
-Understand what I am actually planting
-Strategize a game plan to succeed in this challenge
-Wait about a month to fully let the challenge sink in         

Step 3: Time to get those seeds out of the square cardboard container

Step 4: Watch as the cardboard soaks in water
(Wondering if I will ever find those seeds within the cardboard)

Step 5: Found the seeds
-Destroyed cardboard 
-Got sticky fingers in the process

Step 6: Time to plant!
-Put some potting soil in my awesome blue pot
-Delicately place seeds within soil
-Gave the seeds some loving with water

Step 7: Wait to see what comes of this challenge...
(Hopefully my watering skills will make these baby seeds grow)

I will be on watch and water duty for the next couple of weeks to make sure these seeds succeed! I hope the sun does not impede their happiness and growth too bad... (my last potted plant--> See in first pic above, died after a good long run of a couple of months) If I am successful, I will definitely capture a winning photo of the basil and let you all see! 

Let the Plant a Seed ~ Grow a Movement begin!

Following my pursuits,


Special thanks to:
The Nabisco Company: Triscuit: http://www.homefarming.com/

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