Pursuit fifty seven: Bolga Baskets

As of late, every time I go into Earth Fare (grocery store here in Knoxville) I keep eyeing the Bolga Baskets that they have for sale. My mom has one that she uses to hold magazines beside her bed. I have been dreaming up using one as a market bag (getting rid of some of my dingy reusable bags), a pool bag, or trying to find one with a longer strap so that I could use it as a purse somehow. I love the bold colors and unique design patterns on each basket. They come in different shapes and sizes, so there would be a multitude of uses for these baskets.

So, what do you think of Bolga Baskets, and how would you use one?

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Special thanks to:
Baba Tree Basket Company: http://www.babatree.com/index.html

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  1. Hi

    There is also a vendor at the market place downtown that sell the Bolga baskets. They come in so many colours and I think I will have a hard time choosing the right one. I think of using my basket as a shopping basket for groceries, purchases etc.